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The most comprehensive Hybrid Event Toolkit to ever be brought to market

EventsAIR Hybrid Event Solution Suite

Breakthrough, industry-redefining technology for event managers to create and deliver sensational Hybrid events across all formats from one seamless, fully integrated platform.

The EventsAIR range of tools include:

  • AIRCast Studio
  • Remote Device Control
  • The Event App
  • AIRCast Interpretation Studio
  • Accessibility features
  • Virtual Operations Center

Why industry innovators choose the Hybrid Event Solution Suite

AIRCast Studio

Bringing It All Together.

Remotely control and flawlessly incorporate multiple audio, visual, onsite, and online inputs to deliver synchronized, high-quality experiences for both Virtual and In-Person audiences through AIRCast Studio. Elevate your in-house AV production capabilities at a fraction of the cost of outsources services, and take control of all components of your Hybrid event.

Remote Device Control

Placing event managers in the driver’s seat for onsite and online production.

Remote Device Management architecture gives managers the ability to deploy and drive PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras, as well as integrate audio feeds and remote projectors using the patented EventsAIR no-lag, real-time streaming sync technology. Enjoy professional quality, cost-effective solutions for all Hybrid events, large or small at reduced AV budgets.

The Event App

Bridging the gap between In-Person and Virtual.

Bring In-Person, Virtual and Mobile worlds together in perfect sync. The Event App ensures your users never miss an opportunity to connect, engage and collaborate. Audiences can access your event on the go. From live streams, discussion forums and Q&As, to live polling, gamification and breakout rooms, audiences can fully participate from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

AIRCast Interpretation Studio

Global events. Multi-lingual audiences. Real-time interpretations.

AIRCast Interpretation Studio allows your event sessions and presentations to be simultaneously translated and disseminated in any language from anywhere in world. Multiple interpreters can access the platform at one time and provide audio or sign language translations that audiences will receive with no lag and in real-time.


Creating inspiring and inclusive content for all users.

Expand your reach and engage a broader audience both onsite and online with a range of new accessibility features including closed captioning and live sign language translation. Available in real-time, add an accessible dimension to all your events.

Virtual Operations Center (VOC)

A purpose-built control center designed to manage, produce, and support your event, no matter how big or complex.

The VOC features state-of-the-art event technology with power and internet redundancy capabilities plus ultra-low latency video streaming via AIRCast.

Our experienced team of AIRCast Producers, Tech Directors, Virtual Event Coordinators and EventsAIR Solution Specialists are ready to make your event a great success.

Flexible & Scalable

EventsAIR future-proofs programs for successful delivery

The EventsAIR Hybrid Event Solution Suite affords managers the opportunity to custom build their programs with confidence, and the flexibility to design and deliver all components across multiple formats simultaneously. The suite supports agile and dynamic delivery plans that are instantly scalable, future-proofing programs to ensure successful execution even in times of uncertainty.

“The UQ Open Day is an annual event where prospective students can experience what the university has to offer. It’s a massive event that traditionally takes place on our St Lucia Campus with around 25,000 people attending.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, we took the entire event online for the first time. EventsAIR and the OnAIR platform allowed us to create a virtual event that engaged people all across Australia and, vitally important for us, internationally as well.

The event was attended by people in more than 100 countries around the globe, and we have never been able to have that level of international attendance before. We plan on using EventsAIR for our future virtual and hybrid events.”

Jess Glass,
Senior Marketing Coordinator, University of Queensland

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Our first hybrid event was a medical conference in Rotorua that hosted 100 in-person and 130 virtual attendees around New Zealand, and we were very happy with the result achieved using OnAIR and EventsAIR.

Jo Kelk, Director Outshine