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The perfect fit for your single events.

Designed for one-off events, the Premier1 solution suite can support any event type in a turnkey package that delivers a great event experience while you focus on what’s important to you — your clients.

With our dedicated team of event professionals taking care of the technical aspects of your event, you’ll be able to easily create an amazing event and seamlessly transition between Virtual, Hybrid, and In-person formats with ease as required.

Bringing virtual events to Life has never been easier with the Premier1 Virtual solution. Deliver engaging online experiences using the award winning OnAIR solution that you attendees will rave about for days.

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Made for the event planner who wants to be more hands on in managing agenda, speakers and the general online event flow. Great for less complex events that still need the feature rich range of OnAIR tools like gamification, breakout rooms, polling
and meeting hub.

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Interact and engage seamlessly with online and in-person audiences, connect via the EventsAIR Mobile Attendee APP or view sessions online via OnAIR. Any way you want, on any device, anytime.

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Managing your onsite audience via registration types, accommodation and travel management, contactless check in, mobile attendee App and so much more.

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With all the other suppliers it was a case of “this is what we provide, find a way to fit your conference into our platform.” EventsAIR said was: “We want you to be successful, tell us what you need to do. We’ll make it work.”

Dr Tunga Kiyak, Executive Director of AIB.

Your Premier1 Technical Event Team Awaits

A dedicated technical team of experienced event professionals working behind the scenes from set-up to wrap-up to ensure your event runs smoothly and successfully. The team has supported thousands of events ensuring speakers, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors have a great event experience.

Virtual Event Coordinator

I’ll make sure your event is resourced properly; your stakeholders are looked after, and everything runs smoothly
on the day!

Technical Director

Managing everything technical about your event is my game. I’ll also coordinate with your AV onsite team to make sure your event looks awesome
from start to end.

AIRCast Producer (Virtual & Hybrid Events)

We’ll make sure your sessions look great and your speakers are where they are supposed to be to deliver a TV style production for your event every single time.

Tech Support Team

Whether your event is online or in person we are there to support you and to answer any technical questions on the day. Our job is to make you look great!

Engagement Features

3D Mode

Provide sponsors, clients, and attendees with a more realistic and engaging experience than ever before using fully customizable 3D graphical functionality! It’s easy to create truly bespoke, interactive virtual event environments with branding, promotional videos, clickable links, and 3D Scenes.

Breakout Rooms

Create virtual breakout rooms for small groups to engage, share screens, and watch presentations.

OnAIR Timeline

Your online event agenda showing sessions, workshops, networking groups, exhibitors, ePoster sessions, and more, in one user-friendly, configurable screen. Customize the entire portal with your event brand design, add sponsor banners and live hosts for a great user experience.

Virtual Sessions

Present live broadcasts with multiple video streams, play pre-record sessions on demand, synchronize to run in real-time. Add live Q&A, polls and discussion forums for greater engagement. Filter sessions and set alerts.

Exhibitor Marketplace

Showcase products and services online. Engage with attendees through video calls or live chat, record interactions, brochure downloads. Connect via the Meeting Hub. Show corporate videos in queue. Use lead capture to follow up on opportunities.

Networking Groups

Set up virtual function areas where attendees can meet and exchange ideas. Groups may be preselected according to shared interests. Create social networking groups to get your attendees chatting. Sponsors can use facilitated groups for discussions.

Meeting Hub

A secure meeting space for event attendees. Browse attendee profiles, request to connect with someone, start up a conversation via text, video call or messenger, or schedule a meeting – it will add the meeting to your timeline.


Authors and speakers can present abstracts, whitepapers, and ideas and interact with groups of forty. In gallery view participants can view presenter bios and presentation synopses, click into presentations of interest, download handouts and chat with presenters.


Set goals and award points, badges and prizes to encourage participation in sessions, live chats, polling, Q&A, networking, answering trivia questions, and visiting exhibitors and connecting with other attendees. Great for in-person hybrid or virtual events.

Live Polling

Add live polling with set or ad hoc questions to sessions and ePoster presentations to gauge audience interest and receive instant responses to keep the discussion topical. View results in live charts.

Live Host

Just like the master of ceremonies at live events your virtual live host will keep attendees engaged and informed, play videos or run interviews between sessions for a high-quality production effect.

Control Room

Event organizers can manage the flow of the event using the virtual control room. Here they can chat with presenters, preview session screens, make announcements, and manage the live host feed all from one screen.

Live Support

Answer questions and provide virtual presenters and attendees with technical and event support using live chat and video calls throughout the event.


View the number of attendees in a given session at any point. Monitor, record, and report on attendee engagement and locations, and overall statistics of individual sessions and the entire event.


AIRCast streaming and studio gives event organizers the ability to raise the bar on how virtual sessions are produced and staged. AIRCast Studio allows speakers and audience members to be brought into a green room for audio and video checks before moving to the main stage. Cut in media, polls or change screen configurations to bring sessions to life, including breakout rooms, a hands up feature to add audience members to the stage and more.

Discussion Forums

Get everyone involved with live discussion forums. With this chat feature, attendees can interact with each other during sessions in a secure virtual environment. A great way to get the conversation started and create engagement with your audience.

Identity data administrators
Global and event specific data processing consent policies
Identity fields that contain personal data
Data protection log records all activity relating to data processing
Log all personal data sent to third parties
Data protection widget
Display data consent policies and capture consent
Removing and anonymizing contact records
Contact locator tool and the data processing statement
Event archiving

Ultra Secure Technology

EventsAIR your secure event management platform

Built on a security first design, our event technology platform provides you with total peace of mind that your attendee data is safe and secure. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, offering a guaranteed 99.95% uptime, dedicated database, multiple layers of security, and PCI Level 1 version 3.2 compliance across data and credit card information, EventsAIR also includes a data protection toolkit specifically designed to assist you in maintaining your own compliance with your local data protection regulations (GDPR).

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Our first hybrid event was a medical conference in Rotorua that hosted 100 in-person and 130 virtual attendees around New Zealand, and we were very happy with the result achieved using OnAIR and EventsAIR.

Jo Kelk, Director Outshine

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